Lesser Flamingo Conservation

The Lesser Flamingo breeds in only four places in Africa, including the large wetland in South Africa known as Kamfers Dam.  The area supports the most substantial South African population of Lesser Flamingos, with as many as 60,000 birds at a time.  The flamingos are attracted to Kamfers Dam primarily because of the high concentration of blue-green algae, their favored food source.

As well, the Lesser Flamingos bred and produced about 9,000 chicks in 2007-2008, on a purpose-built island on Kamfers Dam that was constructed by an award-winning mining company.

lesser flamingoThe Lesser Flamingos found in Kamfers Dam have both ecotourism and economic value for the surrounding area.  According to Save the Flamingo, the flamingo has become a symbol used by many businesses in their logos, including real estate companies.  People all over the country make the trip to see these spectacular pink birds.

However, the Lesser Flamingo is currently listed as “near-threatened” in national and international red data books.  This is due to them having few breeding sites, a declining population, infrequent breeding and human induced threats to breeding sites, as reported by Save the Flamingo.  Human induced threats include toxic materials, disturbance by low flying aircraft and collisions with the overheard powerlines.  An oversized housing development is to be built nearby Kamfers Dam.  Untreated sewage is flooding into the area, making both flamingos and people living nearby ill.

Lesser Flamingo (Phoenicopterus minor) Stands in WaterIn order to help save this species, and the people in nearby suburbs, Save the Flamingo has come up with some solutions for the challenges facing Kamfers Dam.  However, in order to achieve success, the NGO must reach out and find support from all over the world.  Together, supporters can help persuade local South African authorities to take the threats against the species seriously and take immediate action to prevent the dam from being further polluted.

Save the Flamingo is a South African NGO trying to make a difference.  To show your support for the Save the Flamingo Association, please feel free to visit the website and sign the petition or kindly make a monetary donation.

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