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man at museumThe International Conservation Photography Award winners show the most incredible photos of an amazing subject – the wildlife of our planet.  Several years ago I happened to be in Alberta during the summer when the Award winner’s photos were exhibited at the local museum.  Over several weeks, I visited the display about 8 times and told everyone who would listen that they should go.

The Award seems to have expanded since then and now include landscapes, flora, communities at risk, and Puget Sound at Risk.  They kindly post some of the winner’s photos online, and you can visit them at their website.

Burke MuseumIf you’re going to be anywhere near the Seattle area this summer, you have until September 6th to visit the display of Award winner’s photographs.  The exhibit is at the Burke Museum, who is also kind enough to put a sampling of the photographs online.  Burke’s selection is the same quality that I saw in Alberta, and it is exciting to see them in real life (versus online only).  I mean, have you ever seen a photograph of a beluga whale or seal or giraffes look like that before?!

That’s not to say that looking at cool wildlife photographs online is anything less than fun.  There’s a display of 99 of the best wildlife photographs as showcased by the National Geographic at Cool Pictures/Cool Stuff.  National Geographic is a world leader in photography, and their best of the best shows it.

Altogether, each and all the photographs show us what an incredible world we live in.


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