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GorillaWildlife apps and cams can be a fun way to tune in and watch animals. Sometimes they are charitable, as in the case of the iGorilla app that allows iPhone and iPad users to watch members of gorilla families in Virunga National Park in Africa.  Each app costs $4, and most of the money goes to help the gorillas survive the threats of poaching, civil conflict, deforestation and disease.  App users can select a gorilla family and follow them through reports, photos and videos.  So reports the BBC.

elephants 2When finding a reliable list of online wildlife webcams that are all working became harder than it should be, I thought of reversing my search.  And yes,  there are Crittercams that show you the world from the animal’s point of view.  For a donation to the National Geographic of between $26 and $210, you can order a copy of a Crittercam DVD filmed on the back of either an elephant, humpback whale, gray seal, loggerhead turtle, or a white shark.  Hopefully you’re reading this in either Canada or the US, because the DVD’s will only be shipped to addresses in those two countries. 

Leopard sealThrough another page, there’s a short video of a crittercam riding the back of a leopard seal into the waters of Antarctica.  As well, you have an opportunity to virtually construct a critter cam.

If you scroll down this page, on the right hand side near the bottom is a link that opens to a virtual tour of the Crittercam Exhibition.  It has been touring since August 2007, and will continue to tour around the United States until January 2012.  There’s an online virtual tour of the exhibition that is fun, and is like the next best thing to being there.

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