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The Conservatives, who won the most votes in the recent British election, put a great idea into their election manifesto.   They  promised to pioneer a new system of conservation credits to protect habitats and ultimately protect endangered animals and plants.

ConstructionUnder the proposed system, any property development that results in biodiversity loss must compensate for that loss by an equal investment in biodiversity and habitat conservation or restoration elsewhere.  So reports the

Also, the Conservative’s program would require companies that degrade ecosystem services, such as the provision of clean water and air, to purchase conservation credits.

While any credits program has the risk of some companies seeing a way to skirt around true responsibility, hitting their bottom line will make the majority of companies take notice and make their plans more eco-friendly. 

GardenThe conservation credits show that thinking is going along a good path in Britain.   Further, the UK’s biggest conservation organisation has suggested that all developments and areas in the UK should have an element of nature conservation built in to them to protect wildlife.  

The RSPB (Royal Society for the Protection of Birds) has suggested that conservation must move beyond nature reserves and protected sites and take in the whole landscape.  Industrial sites, farmland and residential areas should all be targeted as potential habitat.   BBC News covered the story.

It sounds like they’re designing a strategy for planet Earth.  Bravo!

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