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burrowing owlAlberta is home to several endangered species, including burrowing owls, whooping cranes, woodland caribou, swift foxes, and most recently black footed ferrets.  The Government of Alberta has online fact sheets about each species.  Maintaining suitable habitat is critical for the animals’ survival.  So what would you do if you were an Albertan land manager?

Alberta Tomorrow is an online simulator that lets you choose wildlife conservation, ecosystem services and resource development levels and see how that affects your conservation goals.  The final page will be filled with either happy or sad faces, depending on if the conditions you chose means you would reach your conservation goals or not.  When I entered today’s levels of resource development, I got a mixture of happy and sad faces which means we’ve got to change some of what is currently being done.

Alberta oil rigEntering the simulator, you have a choice of short videos about different resources and conservation subjects.  If you like information and facts, you will enjoy these videos.

The Best Practices video outlines the two strategies Alberta Tomorrow is based on.  The Protection Strategy protects 30% of all of Alberta’s forests and all the remaining native prairie from human disturbance.  The Low Impact strategy applies a number of practices to reduce ecosystem disturbance.  In a perfect world, both strategies would be used all around our world.

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