Happy Earth Day

Happy Earth Day, 2010, Everyone!

EarthLet’s celebrate our fabulous home planet today, as well as pledge that we will help make a positive difference in the next year.  Read the last paragraph in my blog entry below (“Earth Days”) if you want some inspiration!

If you’d like to send your friends an Earth Day e-card, check out World Wildlife Fund US which has a small but nice selection on their website

It is rather poignant to celebrate our planet on the same day as reading Newsweek’s 100 Places to Remember Before They Disappear.   It’s an inventory of some of our world’s most beautiful places and a reminder that if we let climate change continue we will lose these places.

As Stewart Brand says in Earth Days, we all have a unique opportunity to make a contribution that will last for eons after we’ve passed on.   And if we all do something, then we will be able to save the 5,966 endangered species, feed the one billion people who are hungry, and stop storms and weather problems from destroying lives and areas on our planet.

What are you going to do for the Earth this year?

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