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One of the most tongue-in-cheek online games ever launched by a conservation organization is available currently.  The game’s welcome page reads “Welcome to No More Grizzlies, an organization dedicated to the preservation of the human species through eradicating grizzlies through non-violent methods.”

grizzly bearThe Alberta Wilderness Association (AWA) is behind the game.  The organization was started in 1965 in rural Alberta, by ranchers, outfitters and wilderness enthusiasts wanting to preserve the wilderness.  Today, the organization is headquartered in Calgary, Alberta, and is dedicated to completing a protected areas network throughout Alberta.

The AWA does a variety of activities to deliver environmental education and stewardship.  To attract attention and help preserve the Alberta grizzly bears,  the organization launched the game No More Grizzlies.  After the welcome message, the website opens to an Albertan forest meadow scene, with majestic mountains in the background.  Little grizzly bears wander through, with red bulls eye circles marked on them.  Clicking on the scene opens to the page offering you a choice of destructive tools, including the bulldozer, ATV, chainsaw, oil barrel and cement bag.  Information about each weapon is provided in a drop down box below the photograph.  I must add that there are wonderful bear growls, panting, and bird songs that can be heard in this section if you have your speakers/headphones on.

After playing the game for a short while, you are taken to a results page followed by an Exit vs Real Truth option.  The Real Truth reveals that, thankfully, there is no such organization as No More Grizzlies, then shares some important information including some action options.

Grizzly bear mom and kidEnjoy the game knowing you’re helping Alberta’s grizzly bears.  Protecting grizzly habitat from destruction and fragmentation, and reducing motorized access, are important wildlife conservation goals.

Celebrate with the Alberta Wilderness Association that the Grizzly Bear hunt for 2010 has been suspended, and help them ensure that future hunts are suspended as well.  There are only 691 grizzly bears in Alberta, and that includes fewer than 360 breeding adult grizzlies in the province.  The species needs protection rather than killing.  Aside from the hunt, the bears are threatened by habitat destruction, including access for cars and snowmobiles.  Good luck to the Alberta Wilderness Association.

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