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It’s so good when learning about our world involves fun. World Wildlife Fund International, headquartered in Gland Switzerland, has a webpage that features seven fun little games related to conservation.

SeagullAll most of the games require is some basic skills, such as hand/eye coordination.  Trying to get the Seagull to poop at the right time so it lands on the evil fishermen and saves the fish takes a certain talent!  I enjoyed it, even though I confess that my first game’s score was just 12.  We get better at this game apparently, because the highest score is around 6,700!

If you are or ever have been a Tetris fan, you will most likely enjoy Bycatch Bonanza, and successfully avoid catching the good sealife when you’re trying to catch just fish.

lightbulbThe Earth Hour Game matched my “The Seagull Strikes Back” game in being simple fun.  It’s entertaining making the little character run along, turning out lights along the way.  Be careful you don’t make him fall off the planet!

Toxic Blaster was fun once I caught on how to play it (Hint: the spacebar helps!).

Rescue the Russian Leopard and Poacher Peril both need to be downloaded, which I haven’t yet done – the online games are keeping me happy enough.

Basic conservation messages are embedded in the games, such as when fishing people should just catch what they’re trying to, and avoid bycatch.  As with most things that WWF do, these games although simple are both fun and high quality.

Happy Friday!

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