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2010 Olympics Animals and Mascots

Living in Vancouver, the home of the 2010 Winter Olympics, it seems appropriate to relate this Friday File to them.  I’ve seen some wonderful displays about animals in some of the international pavilions I’ve visited, including in Canada’s Northern House (that features Canada’s northern territories), the BC Pavillion, and the Kla-howya: Aboriginal Village Welcome display in the lobby of the Pan Pacific Hotel.

Salmon fishingA film of a spirit bear welcomes visitors to the BC Pavillion.  Later, Douglas Green at the Kla-howya told me that when the Aboriginals fish for salmon in the Chilcotin area of BC, they use smaller nets so they can check the sex of the salmon that are caught.  They keep the males but throw the females back, thereby maintaining a sustainable fishery.

This being the Friday File, let’s have some fun.  Have you noticed that the 2010 Olympics has 3 mascots, all based on animals?  They are called Sumi, Miga, and Quatchi.  There’s also a fourth mascot, Mukmuk, who is viewed by organizers as a mascot sidekick.

On the mascot’s website is the story of how the mascots became interested in the Games (the video is adorable, especially for children).

The website also describes what the 3 mascots are and how they are associated with local native legends of the Pacific West Coast.   Mukmuk is based on a Vancouver Island marmot.

Mukmuk has his own website, with a cute video about him.  There’s also a quiz that will tell you which mascot you’re most like!

It’s great to see animals taking such a central role in the exhibits and as the mascots for the Olympics and Paralympics.  Enjoy watching the Games, and good luck to the athletes of our world.

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