Good News for Haiti

The Hope for Haiti Now telethon has raised an awesome $58 million, a figure which is likely to increase as donations continue to pour in.

Today I spoke with Meredith Eves, Assistant to Director of Communications, of Partners in Health.  Her organization is one slated to receive funds from Hope for Haiti Now.  She reports that Partners in Health has been helping people in Haiti for over 20 years, and they plan to continue their presence there.  Due to the earthquake, “there is going to be such a great need going forward,” Meredith told me.

Picture From Partners in Health
Picture From Partners in Health

Meredith confirmed that the $58 million means that there will be funding available to build new hospitals and schools.  Partners in Health is especially interested in “education, healthcare, as well as clean water and the roots of health and social justice,” Meredith explained.  The wonderful support from the telethon’s viewers makes greater support possible.  Meredith continued, “This is going to be a long-term recovery.  It’s not something that will shift in the next couple of months.  Haiti was already a pretty marginalized place prior to this.” 

One example of the challenges facing Haitian people is the number of people who now live without an arm or a leg.  “And they’re living in a mountainous country,” Meredith added.  Psycho-social support, much needed following the traumatic event, will also be possible thanks to the money raised, and the people will be really well-cared for. 

“We incredibly appreciate the support and we hope that people continue to stay updated on what’s going on,” Meredith concluded.  Partners in Health’s website will continue providing coverage on Haiti and how they use the funding. 

Other organizations receiving funding also have information available on their websites.  Here’s a listing of the recipients, including links to their websites: 

Clinton Bush Haiti Foundation

 Oxfam America

 Red Cross


 United Nations World Food Programme

 Yele Haiti Foundation

All of these organizations, and more, are wonderful for helping the Haitian people.  Our support makes more assistance possible.  Good for those of you who have reached out to provide a helping hand or a much-needed donation.

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