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WWF-Canada National Tour Launches November 4th

It’s already next week that WWF-Canada’s cross-Canada speaking tour “Oil and Ice” featuring award winning authors Andrew Nikiforuk (Tar Sands) and Ed Struzik (The Big Thaw) launches.  Discussing the choices that will determine Canada’s future, the destiny of the Arctic, and lessons from the tar sands, the authors start their tour in Edmonton November 4th and Vancouver November 5th (at the Universities of Alberta and British Columbia, respectively).

The Arctic is warming alarmingly quickly, but there’s still time to make choices that alter the future and save it.  “Oil and Ice”s purpose is to stimulate discussion and debate about those choices.  Struzik has witnessed the changes that are happening in the Arctic through his extensive time there, while Nikiforuk is an expert on the economics and influence of the tar sands.

The conversation will take place in 10 Canadian cities between November 4th and 20th.  More information is available on WWF-Canada’s website.

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