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As many as 12,000 Canadian high school students and their teachers will have real-time access to renowned scientist Dr. David Suzuki on November 1 and 2 through a new virtual classroom experience.  The virtual program is being delivered through a partnership between the National Film Board of Canada  and the

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Virtual reality can change not only how people behave, but also how they conserve, according to the latest studies conducted by Stanford’s Virtual Human Interaction Lab. Science Daily reports that in one particular study, test subjects were given the ability to become virtual loggers and experience deforestation firsthand by using “joystick

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Kew Gardens  has an online Google Street View  series of maps that let a viewer experience virtually standing on the street and paths.  It’s a great way to be an armchair tourist and visit Kew Gardens and other destinations from anywhere in the world, for free. Through Google, you can navigate

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