Alison Wheatley, MBA, Founder and Chief Blogger
Alison Wheatley, MBA, Founder and Chief Blogger

At age three, I stood in awe, transfixed in front of the tigers’ enclosure at the Toronto Zoo. I felt a connection with them that continues to this day. Since then, my love of wildlife has helped to support numerous conservation organizations. As I learned more, I realized that the world’s people also need to be helped. Those who are involved in Africa’s bush meat and similar operations need alternatives that respect both people and wildlife, before they empty the forests. And research shows that helping women and educating girls leads to real change.

Personally, my parents made a decision about my activities when I was 7 years old, and I adopted a sense of powerlessness. Many years later I had a realization that I had adopted this as my story, and that each moment the power of living Now can make anything possible. I became empowered, and now work to give a voice to those who are disempowered, whether they are women needing micro-financing, girls needing education, or animals needing conservation of both their species and their homes.

I also enjoy helping business owners achieve success. MBA educated and with experience in over 145 different industries, I manage my own business. I help other business owners by developing business and marketing plans, raising their online presence, and conducting research projects through Route One Research & Marketing Services.

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