Princes To Help Protect Oceans

Greenpeace UK is celebrating that Princes, a leading tinned tuna company, will change the way they get their tuna. After receiving over 80,000 emails from Greenpeace supporters, Princes says that it will no longer rely on indiscriminate and destructive fishing methods that kill all kinds of marine creatures like sharks and rays.

tinned tunaFrom now on, Princes will have all their tinned tuna caught by either pole and line or purse seine fishing, which are safer to other ocean animals than the fish aggregation devices (which Greenpeace calls ocean annihilation devices) they have been using. The changes will become complete by 2014, which gives them several years to change.

Further, Princes is now going to support the Pacific Commons marine reserves and have agreed not to source fish from that region.

Although Greenpeace is happy with this, they realize that the majority of ocean space is not protected so will continue to campaign for a network of marine reserves that cover 40% of the world’s oceans.

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