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Plants that are native to your region (native plants) tend to be more pest and weather resistant than imported plants. As well, native plants will attract your local wildlife and beneficial insects. But what plants are native to your region? The Canadian Wildlife Federation has an online directory of the major regions in Canada and the plants that are native to them. It’s called Wild About Gardening.

common sunflower native plantsYou can search the directory by using either the plant’s name, or by entering your region and desired plant type. When I entered Annual and BC, I got the familiar Common Sunflower, and the not so familiar Pursh’s Lotus. The Lotus photo didn’t load on my computer – it may just be my computer, but if you find the same thing you can always search for the name using Google images.

Annual and Ontario brought up just one result – the Partridge Pea. Many more results were shown for searches for Ontario and Perenial, Ontario and Ground Cover, Ontario and Shrub, and other searches.

So with the summer weather here, it’s time to get outside and gardening is one way to do it. So do your research, tend your plants, and Enjoy!

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