10 Myths About Women Debunked

This past March, International Women’s Day marked its 100th anniversary. Thousands of events took place around the globe to acknowledge the social, economic and political accomplishments of women. But despite this century-old day of recognition, there are still many myths surrounding women and as a result women in every country in the world continue to face discrimination and gender inequality.

CARE, a non-profit organization dedicated to fighting global poverty by putting a special emphasis on working alongside women, released a report entitled The Top 10 Myths About Women & the Heroes Who Bust Them.  Dubbed a “reality check”, the report lists the top 10 myths about women as:
1.  a woman’s place is in the home;
2.  girls can’t do math or science;
3.  it’s a man’s world;
4.  women crack under pressure;
5.  she asked for it;
6.  women can’t be trusted with money;
7.  girls belong in marriage not school;
8.  women can’t lead;
9.  a woman’s health is not a man’s concern; and,
10.  women’s empowerment comes at the expense of men.

Happy woman 2Although most of us probably consider all of the above to be ridiculous ideas, the fact that CARE found it necessary to draw attention to these myths and then debunk them with the stories of people both past and present who have beaten the odds and proven the naysayers wrong, means these prejudices are still prevalent and they stand in the way of both social and economic development.

Education, of both girls and boys, is really the key to changing attitudes. Canadian global rights activist and former politician Stephen Lewis said it well. “The single most important struggle on the face of the planet is the struggle for gender equality. If schools can do nothing more than get young boys to understand and respect young girls, you will have made an immense contribution.”

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