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Texas Parks and Wildlife

Texas Parks and Wildlife has a kids section that is both creative and fun. Among my favorite parts is the Dinosaurs page in the Wild Things section. Also, the Animal Olympics is where I learned that mountain lions can broad jump 30 feet in a single bound. There’s also a Texas Wildflowers page to help you recognize flowers next time you’re in that state.

The website even has a section called Fun Stuff. They have 8 puzzles under the Fun With Words, and 5 under the Fun With Math. The whopping 19 activities on their Arts and Crafts page include lots of activities that kids of all ages can enjoy.

Walking outsideI also like that they have an Outside Games & Activities section. Playing outside helps to establish a connection with nature. And now that it’s Spring, there’s so much to see and do outside. So as well as checking out the Texas Parks and Wildlife website, be sure to get outdoors this weekend and enjoy some nature.

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