International Migratory Bird Day

In much of the U.S., May is peak migration month. Today is International Migratory Bird Day. This morning I joined a birding group on  a tour at VanDusen Gardens and saw a wide range of birds, some of which are passing through Vancouver on their way north. If you visit a Garden, or even are out on a walk on city streets, spend some of your time looking up into trees – that way you’ll see the birds that are living there.

California Condor in flight against blue skyAlso celebrating today is the The Peregrine Fund’s World Center for Birds of Prey in Boise Idaho.  This year’s theme, “Go Wild, Go Birding!” is being portrayed through games, films, tours, and live bird presentations. Movies will highlight The Peregrine Fund’s work with native people to restore Harpy Eagles in Panama and the recovery project for California Condors in the Grand Canyon.

Check out your own neighborhood’s garden and bird sanctuaries and find out what activities they are offering this Spring that involve birds or birdwatching.

More than just today, birds present a fascinating touch of nature to anyone viewing them. And if you have a backyard and want to be good to birds, follow the Audubon Society’s Tips on How You Can Help Birds.  Their ten tips include avoiding the use of pesticides, planting native plants, and keeping cats inside. Close your blinds at night and limit outdoor lighting so birds don’t get distracted by your lights and lose their way. Check out the Audubon website for further ideas.

Happy International Migratory Bird Day!

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