UK Power Networks Supports Wildlife Trusts

UK Power Networks, Britain’s largest power network provider, recently into partnership with the nine Wildlife Trusts in its distribution areas to help preserve and develop wildlife habitats. These Trusts include Surrey Wildlife Trust and Norfolk Wildlife Trust.

As part of the new arrangement, UK Power Networks is supporting each Trust financially and intends to arrange 27 employee team day events each year, three for each wildlife trust. Teams of employee volunteers will help the wildlife trusts with activities such as stumping trees (so they grow better) and digging drainage trenches. The 27 employee team day events are manageable by the company which has about 5,500 staff members.

This new agreement builds on an already established level of helping the local wildlife Trusts and are one way of the company showing that they care about the environment.

Given that wildlife doesn’t recognise county boundaries, it’s significant that UK Power Networks has chosen to support nine Trusts across their distribution area in the East of England, South East and London.

Badger 2As well as this new partnership, UK Power Networks asks its employees to:

  • Not to attempt works that are likely to damage a nest or cause birds to desert a nest.
  • To seek advice from an environmental representative if they suspect their work location is near a badger sett.
  • To obtain guidance from an ecologist if planning work within 500 metres of a pond.
  • Check for any protected species of plants before commencing work.
  • Look out for bat roosts and dormice nests to minimize disturbance when trimming trees to keep them clear of overhead power lines.

UK Power Networks has also made a great reduction in the amount of road waste it sends to the landfill, reducing that amount from 80% to just 3% over the past four years. This 3% is made up mainly of contaminated materials which cannot currently be recycled.

Overall, UK Power Networks seems like a company that really cares and is establishing themselves as a company that can inspire other companies to act on behalf of our planet.

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