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The best way to ensure we will have fish to eat in the future is to implement sustainable fishing. The UK might lead the way, if a recent poll by WWF  is listened to by the politicians. In the poll, 79% of people surveyed in the UK want the fish that is on sale to come from sustainable, not overfished, sources. Sadly, just 21% think there is adequate information on whether fish products come from well managed sustainable stocks.

fishing boatsThe poll also found support from two-thirds (66%) of people for reform of the controversial Common Fisheries Policy (CFP) in order to ensure the recovery of fish stocks and also allow future generations to make a living from the sea, WWF writes.

If the politicians listen to the polled people, they might implement longer viewed fishing policies than what has existed up till now. And all fish will be caught through sustainable fishing, not just that which gets the Marine Stewardship Council (MSC) logo.

WWF is calling for a meaningful reform of the European Common Fisheries Policy including sustainable fishing management, long term planning, regional management, ecosystem health, and improved quality. And the new policy would apply to all European fisheries and fishing boats anywhere in the world.

The poll states that the UK people are ready for the change. Hopefully the politicians will listen and act accordingly.

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