$39 Million for Conservation

As part of their effort to address conservation threats to habitats in Asia and stop the illegal wildlife trade of species such as tiger, snow leopard, rhinoceros and elephant, the World Bank has approved $39 million in financial assistance to Bangladesh and Nepal.

tiger in waterThe assistance of $36 million to Bangladesh and $3 million to Nepal is especially hoped to help save tigers. The increasingly fragmented habitats of Asia require special conservation actions. Saving tigers would in turn help save other animal species.

The money will support efforts towards forest conservation. Forests make up 29% of Nepal’s land area, and provide a regular source of food, fuel wood, medicinal plants and timber. Forests also have the potential for ecotourism, and it has been shown that tourism revenues from habitats rich in biodiversity are significant and contribute to livelihoods of the poorest people.

South Asia is home to 13-15% of the world’s biodiversity, including endangered species such as the tiger. It is an important area for conservation and hopefully this financial assistance will help solve the deforestation, habitat loss, pollution and poaching that threatens the biodiversity.

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