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National Green Week

To spark a child’s (or anyone’s for that matter) green spirit, it’s important to let them take charge in deciding which environmental issues they’ll participate in. The upcoming National Green Week can be any week this year between February 7th and Earth Day April 22nd.

This being the Friday File, we ask “where’s the fun?”. How about the following activities, suggested by Green Living and National Green Week,  which can involve children and/or adults.

Healthy lunchUse fun, kid-friendly containers for snacks and lunches instead of plastic baggies and juice boxes (In 2010, National Green Week participants eliminated 300,000 pounds of trash by packaging their snacks more sustainably, Green Living reports).

Grow your own garden to encourage an enjoyment of fresh veggies and fruit.

Play Energy Pictionary – Draw chosen energy words and let your friends guess what you’ve drawn.

Create a Candyland style board game based on renewable and nonrenewable energy sources, energy saving tips, and energy wasting habits.

Create reminder plates to be hung by light switches and thermostats in your home or classroom – if you want templates, National Green Week has them on its website.

Reuse a variety of paper products to create a collage with an environmental theme.

Create your own solar energy jar to observe how the sun’s heat can be captured and used to make solar tea.

There are a few other activities on National Green Week’s website, so check it out and Enjoy!

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