Harrison Ford and Conservation International are launching a social game with an eco-friendly theme on Facebook.

Called Ecotopia, the game starts by placing players in a dirty city which is overwhelmed by urban decay. Players then use resources to develop sustainable initiatives that reverse the environmental damage and ultimately create a customized utopia.

Young woman with laptop on grassPlayers will be able to connect with their Facebook friends, send gifts to each other and visit neighborhood maps to perform eco-friendly actions. In a feature new to social gaming, players will also be rewarded with extra points for performing real-world environmental actions and incorporating them into their Ecotopia gaming experience.

While participating in the game, players will also learn more about Conservation International and its initiatives to improve the sustainability of our global environment. As well, some environmental villains will be introduced in the game, starting with one every month.

Talkie, an independent game studio, developed Ecotopia and plans to launch it on Facebook on April 4th.

Check out Ecotopia’s pre launch page on Facebook.

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