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Backyard Wildlife Reserve

If you’d like to take a course in Wildlife Conservation 101, check out the National Wildlife Federation’s website section called Understanding Wildlife Conservation. It’s divided into sections with titles such as Biodiversity, the Endangered Species Act, Ecoregions, and even Phenology (the study of how the biological world times natural events).

As an example of biodiversity, the NWF explains what someone can often find in a pond. Starting with the obvious water lilies through to the birds and then right down to the microscopic bacteria.

Then their biodiversity section introduces the NWF Certified Wildlife Habitat, which gives ideas for creating a backyard wildlife mini reserve. All you need, they write, is Food, Water Sources, Places for Cover, Places to Raise Young, and Sustainable Gardening.

Robin in BirdbathThe items you need for a backyard wildlife reserve include items such as a birdbath that are fairly easy to obtain. Check out your local nursery or bird friendly store. There’s a special kind of joy involved with watching birds bathe safely in your birdbath all summer long.


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