Birds Conservation Conference

The 1st Symposium on Conservation and Propagation of Endangered Species of Birds is occurring in Abu Dhabi, UAE. Sixty-five noted scientists and bird experts are meeting to discuss the conservation and breeding of endangered species, reports the WAM Emirates News Agency.

Abu Dhabi was chosen as the location for the conference partly because they have a high profile Departmental Research Centre that is becoming known as a reliable place for the conservation and breeding of endangered birds, writes Emirates 24/7.  Since 1989, the Abu Dhabi government has been a leader in trying to save and breed the Houbara Bustard, which is important in UAE heritage and in falconry. As well, the UAE has founded several avian research centres that focus on endangered birds conservation.

Houbara BustardAs at most conferences, research and findings are being presented. One such research project is about breeding Houbaras. Apparently some researchers have used chickens, with their high reproductive rate and lack of seasonality, to support the breeding. It’s a radical idea, but when animals are endangered sometimes radical ideas are needed.

Among the other topics being discussed at the conference are the improvement rates of germline transmission, the potential for cloning, and the development of birds in surrogate cells such as the houbaras.

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