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The difference 40 years can make. From humble beginnings in a North London Flat to today when Butterfly Conservation has multiple offices and over 50 staff members.

Somewhere along their route in trying to save butterflies, they remembered that fun is often a first step to education. They have 10 games on their website, all about butterflies.

UK ButterflyThe Adonis Blue (this butterfly’s males have brilliant blue wings) Blue Puzzle is a jigsaw puzzle in which you drag and drop the pieces. What’s That Caterpillar is one of the matching games on the website. The Butterfly Caterpillar Foodplants game introduces some landscapes and shows where butterflies want to lay their eggs. If you want to test your butterfly knowledge, check out the Butterfly and Moth Identification Quiz. Or choose some of the 6 other games on the website.

If you’d like to learn more about butterflies, explore the rest of Butterfly Conservation’s website. Butterflies are gorgeous and we need to work together to save them.

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