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Not only does the Gerald Durrell Foundation do excellent work with wildlife conservation; their website provides some fun while educating people about animals.

jaguar walkingIf you like puzzles, the Foundation’s website has a South American animals word search with wildlife ranging from ants to jaguars. The Bird Game is more for kids than adults, but is creative and thus worth playing. They also have colouring sheets and a dot to dot Parrot.

Also on the Foundation’s website are fun animal fact sheets for a dozen mostly exotic animals, and three ecosystems. They’re a good introduction to their topics. They include information such as there are over 250 species of poison dart frogs living in the rainforests of Central and South America. And Macaques would sure love an all you can eat buffet – in the wild they have been recorded as eating more than 120 different types of plants as well as insects, mice and nestling birds.

Having grown up reading about Gerald Durrell’s adventures as he travelled the world and worked in wildlife conservation, I’m happy to know that the Foundation has educational entertainment value that will help to attract people to their more serious messages.

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