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My weekend has featured Leonardo DiCaprio. Having enjoyed his movie Catch Me If You Can with a friend on Saturday evening, I was happy to learn on Sunday that he recently donated $1 million to tiger conservation. The money is being donated to tigers through the World Wildlife Fund and will help support anti-poaching efforts, habitat protection and campaigns to raise awareness about the tiger’s situation, reports the Guardian. Leonardo DiCaprio has also been devoting many of his Twitter (@LeoDiCaprio) tweets to tiger and wildlife conservation, reports CNN Entertainment

Tiger 1This led me to research the results of last week’s Tiger Summit in St. Petersburg, Russia. Have you heard the Summit had a successful conclusion? World leaders and tiger countries endorsed a major plan to double the numbers of tigers in the wild by 2022. The Global Tiger Recovery Programme  has received a commitment of $127 million to help save the world’s remaining tigers, reports the World Wildlife Fund.

Further, the World Bank offered a $100 million loan package to three tiger range countries for conservation work, and the Global Environment Facility offered to provide up to $50 million in grant funding for tiger habitat conservation.

With all this funding, it is expected that anti-poaching and anti-trafficking work will be ramped up in the 13 tiger range countries. The last remaining refuges of tigers will be protected, and tiger monitoring will be increased. Let’s hope that this support will accomplish their goal of doubling the number of our world’s tigers by 2022.

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