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If you want to see some magnificent animal photographs by a master and award winner, check out Wildlife by David Smith. Also have a browse through Wildlife Photography.

Clicking on More at the end of this article will lead you to a page with the links on it.  For some reason the links don’t show up here on my homepage.

AfricaThen if you want to learn some photography secrets of the master wildlife photographers, watch Marc Silber’s video (a little lower on the Wildlife Photography webpage) of David Smith discussing his craft. David loves being in the bush with the wild animals, and his passion shows itself in his photos. As with so many masters who love what they do, he enjoys sharing his knowledge about taking better photos and composing and framing shots (such as the point of thirds).

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Alison Wheatley

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  1. Ryan Mettee
    November 18, 2010 at 3:29 pm

    This is a really cool blog! Thanks for sharing Alison. Very awesome to know that there are individuals as committed as you are to sustainability and respecting this beautiful blue giant we call home.

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