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The Guardian has published Biodiversity 100, a list of places in our world that require immediate preservation. The list calls on G20 countries to preserve and protect their biodiversity, and perform tasks that will show they are serious about protecting their natural treasures, reports Our World 2.0

boreal forestBiodiversity 100 was created to prod governments into action – to stop focusing on short term thinking. The list states that Canada must do more to protect its boreal forest and the caribou from uncontrolled oil and gas drilling. Brazil and Argentina are also called on to preserve their remaining forests. Mexico is tasked to step up efforts to save the Gulf of California porpoise, now that the Chinese river dolphin is likely extinct. The UK is called on to safeguard and restore their bumblebee population.

Now is the time for Biodiversity 100, because in one month a conference about the catastrophic decline of biodiversity on our planet will take place at Nagoya, Japan. Many people fear that governments will repeat their Copenhagen failure and once again stand by and do nothing. Thus the Guardian is asking people to step up and demand that their governments do more to protect biodiversity.

Save the EarthThe list creators recognize that people are suffering from issue fatigue, or assuming that someone somewhere is taking care of nature. It also recognizes that sometimes specific, practical solutions are difficult to find and implement. But too many governments are ignorant about, or choose to ignore, endangered animals and plants. So the Guardian is calling for more people to become active – to stop waiting for governments which are loose with commitments.

Our other option? To stand by while we lose the biodiversity that makes life on Earth so special.

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