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October is Energy Awareness Month, and this year’s theme is POWERING AMERICA; We’re On Target, writes the Federal Energy Management Program of the U.S. Department of Energy.

solar wind energyThere are some positive signs in energy conservation. Investments in clean energy are growing, and fuel-efficient hybrid and alternative fuel vehicles are increasingly appearing on our roads. High performance buildings, such as Manitoba Hydro Place which I wrote about last month, are managing energy smartly. Altogether, these efforts are creating jobs for the new economy and helping energy conservation, while giving us hope that we might be able to tackle climate change before it’s too late.

How much awareness do you have about efficient energy management?  While it can be as simple as switching off unused lights, some confusion exists over actions like whether leaving a computer really takes less energy than starting it up again. In case you’re wondering, turning off and powering down your computer is much more energy efficient. If you feel like testing your knowledge, has a quiz on their website with this and other questions.

Energy conservation is becoming the law in places like Cleveland Ohio. As reports, Ohio gas companies must by law help their customers conserve. Their program includes home energy audits, free weather stripping, caulking and low flow shower heads and up to $1,250 in rebates for improvements made based on the audit. The energy audit itself includes a furnace and hot water tank combustion check, free low flow shower heads and programmable thermostats. Now is a good time to get your furnace and hot water checked, before winter comes.

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