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Canadian Museum of Nature

The Canadian Museum of Nature in Ottawa is newly renovated, with a new glass tower, high-tech wizardry, and a 20-metre skeleton of our world’s largest animal – a giant blue whale.  They also have a website ( which, as the Montreal Gazette suggests, is a treat in its own right.

If you click on Our Exhibitions on the website, you will see some introductions to the Museum’s Exhibits and Galleries.  Then if you click on Explore Nature, you will find games, activities and 3-D dinosaur movies.

grizzly bearThe games are fun ways to learn about animals.  Who knew that virtually building a bison’s digestive system could be harder than it looks?!  Matching polar bear and grizzly bear adaptations, or matching human behaviors to mammals with regards to coping with weather, are fun.  You realize how much you know when playing them.

The Museum also has several complementary websites for families and teachers, as well as a webpage listing their selection of 3D dinosaur, nature photographs, native plants, and insect games.

Have Fun!

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