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National Zoo Lion Cubs

On August 31st, the National Zoo’s African lion Shera gave birth to four lion cubs.  This was the first litter for Shera, who is five years old.  The Zoo has a webcam video of Shera and her cubs on YouTube.

Shera and her mate Luke were officially introduced at the Zoo in what is called, simply, an introduction. If you’d like to read about the romance between Shera and her mate Luke, it’s on the Zoo’s website

Lion CubThe National Zoo has had lions in the past, but the current combination of African lions by age and gender means they can develop an actual pride.  Building a healthy, genetically diverse population has taken extensive planning, species knowledge and an understanding of the individual animals involved.

The four lion cubs had their first check yesterday. Each cub weighs about 7 to 8 pounds, and are likely female although that’s hard to tell at 2 ½ weeks old.

Voices For Our wishes the National Zoo the best of luck in raising healthy lion cubs.

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