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Biodiversity 911

Biodiversity 911 is an online visit to a symbolic hospital emergency room where animated creatures are being treated for a variety of environmental ailments.  Created by World Wildlife Fund (WWF) several years ago, it’s worth a visit.

fish stewWild World tells you about the Global 200: Priority Areas for Conservation. Toxic Pinball shows the path of pollutants – with household toxins affecting soil, groundwater, and sea life.  Fish Stew carries a conservation message – it reminds us that when we buy fish at the market, the type of fish we select has an environmental impact.

Character Patient Charts takes you into the hospital emergency room, where you can visit Branche du Bois who has trunk trauma, Miss Carol Coral who has bleached, and their friends.

Altogether, Biodiversity 911 offers you 3 downloadable videos, and 12 games or puzzles.  More than enough ways to pass time while learning about our world.  Thanks to WWF.  Enjoy!

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