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Kew Gardens Virtually

Kew Gardens  has an online Google Street View  series of maps that let a viewer experience virtually standing on the street and paths.  It’s a great way to be an armchair tourist and visit Kew Gardens and other destinations from anywhere in the world, for free.

Kew Gardens 2Through Google, you can navigate the pathways of part of Kew Garden’s 326 acre site, and see the gardens and well known buildings such as the Palm House and the Pagoda.  Kew Gardens boasts the largest collection of plants in the world, with 30,000 different species including 14,000 trees.  You can see some of these plants on your virtual tour.

Google uses special cameras, and match photographs to a specific location using GPS devices.  They then process the photographs and make them ready for display on Google Maps.  The result is a 360° panorama of photographed places that allow virtual visitors to tour well known places such as cities and tourist destinations.

Whether you’re visiting Kew Gardens virtually to plan a real trip there, or not now, Enjoy!

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