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It’s August, hot in many places, and “everyone” is talking about water.  A lot of water may be used in summertime for lawns and swimming pools, but we all have a year round footprint that uses an amazing amount of water.  As WWF Canada recently wrote, even as we consume breakfast we’re devouring food that used water through running factories to growing crops.  And it’s a lot:

A single cup of coffee = 140 litres (Enough fresh water to fill to fill your mug 777 times)

One slice of white bread = 40 litres (Enough water to fill a fish tank)

A single egg = 200 litres (Enough fresh water to fill a rain barrel)

Dinner’s worse – A steak dinner = 15,500 litres (Enough fresh water to fill a small swimming pool)

mountain streamMeanwhile, the BC Sustainable Energy Association states that we must act now to protect our rivers, streams and groundwater, and to balance competing demands for this precious and limited resource.  The BC Legislature is currently considering how to modernize our Water Act, and the BCSEA has an online petition that asks the BC Legislature to prioritize environmental and social needs for water and involve the public in decisions about water.  If you’re in BC, check out the petition.

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