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Earth Day Network recently announced it had found partners in 15 countries who together will plan one million trees in 2010 as part of the Avatar Home Tree Initiative.  The Initiative is a partnership program between Earth Day Network and Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment, with the purpose of reducing greenhouse gas emissions and supporting sustainable development and reforestation around our world.

tree in handEach of the one million trees to be planted will be added to Earth Day Network’s Billion Acts of Green program as well as pledged towards the UN Environmental Program Billion Tree Campaign, a worldwide tree planting initiative by the UN Environment Programme.  Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment will insert a unique code inside the Avatar Blu-ray/DVD which lets fans adopt one of the one million trees being planted.

Tree Canada will work to reforest almost 2,000 acres of pine forest in southeastern Manitoba that were destroyed by hurricane force winds in 2005.

tree planting 2In the UK, The Woodland Trust will provide free tree packs and online support to communities as part of their More Trees, More Good campaign.  The UK has only 4% native woodland cover, but the Woodland Trust suggests that at least twice as many native trees and woods are needed to maintain healthy populations of wildlife and people, and to combat climate change and improve the environment.  Clive Anderson, Sean Bean, and Barry Davison are among the British celebrities who are supporting this program.

tree plantingIn the United States, the tree planting will be sponsored by three organizations.  MillionTreesNYC in New York focuses on increasing green spaces and the urban health environment for low to middle income neighborhoods.  In San Franciso, Friends of the Urban Forest help citizens plant and care for street trees and sidewalk gardens, particularly in low income areas.  And in Los Angeles, TreePeople improves city life by planting trees, including fruit trees which will provide a free source of fruit to help low-income citizens eat healthier.

For information about the other 12 countries involved in the Avatar Home Tree Initiative, see Earth Day Network’s press release.

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