Brazilian Indians Rally

Hundreds of Brazilian Indians from across the country are gathering to protest the killing of their leaders, the theft of their land for industrial projects, and other threats to their survival, reports Survival International.

Amazon IndianThe August 16th to 20th rally is expected to draw around 800 Indians representing many of Brazil’s 233 tribes.   As well, all candidates in Brazil’s upcoming presidential election have been invited.  

The Indians hope to raise awareness and protest their treatment and the critical situation it has led to for many indigenous people of the Amazon.  As well, they will protest the government’s plans to build a series of huge dams and roads in the Amazon. 

The Indians have lived sustainably in the rainforest for many generations, and have the human right to continue.  Now as Brazil undergoes development, threats to that rainforest increase.  For the role the Indians play in maintaining the rainforest, which are the lungs of our planet, theirs are important voices for all of us.

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