Conservation Stewardship Results

The results are in for the new Conservation Stewardship Program (CSP).  According to the United States Department of Agriculture its Natural Resources Conservation Service has obligated nearly $145 million to enrol 10,630 contracts totalling 12,688,937 acres in the CSP. 

The CSP is a program that encourages conservation by offering practical and financial assistance to active land stewards to help manage and maintain existing conservation systems and to implement new conservation activities on agricultural land and nonindustrial private forestland.  In the long run the program rewards participants in the best way possible, with clean water, soil and healthy habitats.

US rangelandThe USDA Natural Resources Conservation Services reports that rangeland followed by cropland and nonindustrial forestland are the terrains with the largest enrolment nationwide.  Texas is currently leading the pack in total acres entered in the program, with 1,409,443.10 on board.  Texas is followed in the top five by New Mexico (936,871 acres), Montana (926,475.70 acres), Nebraska (784,377.10 acres) and Colorado (661,075.20 acres).

These results, along with a $23 billion agriculture appropriations bill recently approved by a House spending panel could mean a very bright future for US conservation programs.  According to EE News the spending panel allotted more than $1 billion in discretionary funding for the Natural Resources Conservation Service, which will help fund the Conservation Stewardship initiative and create more preservation programs.  We are all winners when Mother Nature comes first!

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