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Did you know that when you visit a pharmacist, one in every four purchases will have come from a tropical forest?  Or that some frogs use their eyes to help push the food down their throat.  The Northwest Wildlife Preservation Society wants you to know these and other fun and sometimes amazing facts.

The Kids Corner of the Society’s website  is filled with fun and games, and adults as well as kids can enjoy many of them.  If you like trivia, or information about some of BC’s most popular animals, you’ll enjoy their Kids Corner.

Sea Lion StaresBefore you walk in the woods, you might want to learn what a bear sounds like. NWPS provides a grizzly bear’s grunt, and a cougar’s and a wolf’s growl and howl.  The differences between how the gray whale and killer whale sound are notable.  And the sea lion’s voices reminded me of when I studied them in the early 1990’s.

If you have kids, you may want to print out the wildlife or bats picture coloring page, and the connect the dots coloring page.

You can also follow the life of a salmon egg, or look at kid’s art.

If you’re motivated enough, the basics of starting a school-based environmental eco-club are also presented.

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