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Cool Popsicles

With record temperatures making the news around North America, and so many people noticing “it’s Hot!”, efforts to stay cool become a focus.

panda 2When temperatures in Washington DC hit 100 degrees F., (38 degrees C.), the Associated Press reported that the National Zoo was feeding homemade popsicles to their animals to try to keep them cool.  There’s a video of the panda eating the specially formulated popsicle, together with an update about the panda, online.

If you’d like to watch the Saint Louis Zoo hippos eat a popsicle, check out You Tube.  A polar bear at Baltimore’s Maryland Zoo can be seen eating a grape juice, fruit, fish and lard popsicle on metacafe

global warming popsiclesFor humans, WWF China is selling a popsicle that warns about global warming and animal extinctions, reports Inhabitots.  The sticks are topped with a profile of an endangered polar bear, penguin, or sea lion, and include a message that is revealed as the popsicle is eaten.

Stay cool!

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