Conservation NGO’s and Businesses

Occasionally, conservation organizations form alliances with businesses.  While these relationships are sometimes unorthodox, they often significantly aid in achieving conservation goals.

Handshake and teamworkOrganizations such as the Nature Conservancy often unite with natural resource companies because the companies’ actions have a direct impact on the environment.  As Nature Conservancy’s President expressed in The Washington Post, it is crucial to not dismiss any conservation strategy, especially one that gets businesses that directly impact the environment involved in improving their practices and supporting conservation.  These alliances allow sustainable practices to be put into play without putting the companies out of business.

Importantly, while these businesses are initially negatively impacting the environment, the alliance is formed to help improve the business operations.  Therefore, the organizations’ involvement is a positive force that leads to rapid improvement and in no way implies that they condone the detrimental impacts originally seen to the environment.

boreal forestRecently, 21 of Canada’s forestry companies who are members of FPAC (Forest Products Association of Canada) and 9 environmental organizations signed the Canadian Boreal Forest Agreement.  While seemingly unlikely to collaborate, both sides realized economic difficulties and public concern were impacting them both positively and negatively.  It caused them to search for a unique solution.

The Canadian Boreal Forest Agreement pertains to over 72 million hectares of Boreal Forest reaching from British Columbia to Newfoundland.  The Agreement promotes the teamwork of industries and environmental organizations in order to aid governments in defining the future of forestry and conservation in the Boreal Forests, as reported by

green forest plainAccording to The Los Angeles Times, the Agreement prevents logging of over 111,000 square miles of Boreal Forest in northern Canada, protecting almost the entire boreal caribou habitat without disrupting mill operations.  In leading the forestry industry towards green certification, the pact reduces some concerns regarding endangered wildlife and climate change issues in the area.

In committing to save the natural world we must first face the problems in order to devise efficient strategies that will result in the most positive outcomes.  Thus, conservation organizations working with business can be a key move in achieving conservation goals.

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