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Spring is here and so are a lot of new born animals.  Among the exciting stories is that a scimitar-horned oryx was born in early April at the National Zoo in Virginia – adding to the world’s population of this animal that is extinct in the wild.

lion cubsMeanwhile, like so many zoos this time of year, the Bronx Zoo is having a Name Three Lion Cubs contest.  The over 10,000 name submissions so far include Chippy and Sangria, according to NY Daily .

If you like looking at baby animals, check out  They bill themselves as featuring the “newest and cutest exotic baby animals from zoos and aquariums around the world”.  baby lynxThe photos and stories include a Eurasian lynx cub, and a Baird’s tapir calf named Noah – two of Nashville’s “storm babies” that were born during the recent extreme rainfall and flooding.

The website is also showing the video about the mother bear rescuing her cub that was stuck at the top of a small tree. You may have already seen this video – it went viral amongst TV news networks the other day.

You’ll also find links to older postings and a well organized list of baby animals by animal type (Aardvarks, addaxes, agoutis, etc.)

Enjoy Spring!

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