Dragons on Planet Earth

Komodo Dragons are one of our world’s most exotic animals.  In some ways they resemble a dinosaur.  At least, that’s according to a friend of mine who recently visited Komodo National Park in Indonesia.  It’s one of the five small islands that the Dragons live on.

Komodo Dragon wtongueKomodo Dragons are the world’s largest lizard, sometimes growing up to 10 feet long and weighing over 150 pounds.  National Geographic reports that the animals can detect the smell of carrion from three miles away.  My friend tells me that once a month, the tour does not allow women near them because the Dragons can smell blood and may attack.  The lizard’s tails can knock over a human, and their sharp teeth can inject a venom that can kill  in as little as eight hours, according to this website.

Komodo dragon closeupLuckily my friend timed her visit right and was able to see the Dragons close up.  Well, not that close, really, and all the while the tour guides keep careful watch on the animal’s behaviour.  One fellow traveler apparently was bending over focusing on fixing his camera, and the guide warned him that a Dragon was eyeing him.  The tourist stood up in a hurry and the Dragon luckily decided he no longer resembled a tasty animal.

Komodo DragonThere are only about 3,000 Komodo Dragons left in our world.  Fires set by poachers to round up deer, and by slash and burn farmers, are destroying the lizard’s primary habitat.  Zoos are involved in captive breeding, and it’s very hopeful that the species will survive.

If you like puzzles, check out the Komodo Dragon Puzzle Game in what is called a “Komodo Dragon Learning Zone”.  It’s at this website.  I’m not sure whose website it is (it looks like someone’s revenue source using Google ads), but it’s a fun puzzle.

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