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top_frogIn this age of ringtones which vary from James Bond music to grand opera, it’s fun having a ringtone that reminds us of the wildlife we care about. One of the best selections of wildlife ringtones that I’ve found is on the Center for Biological Diversity’s website.

As the website suggests, the Center for Biological Diversity works through science, law, and creative media to secure a future for all species on the brink of extinction.  They tend to focus on species in the United States, with some in Canada, the Far North and further south in the Americas.

Mexican Grey WolfThe Center’s ringtones offer an international variety.  Their six categories of free, downloadable ringtones include the calls of rare and endangered frogs, mammals, owls, other birds, and some sea mammals.  Among my personal favorites are the Bald Eagle, Gunnison’s Prairie Dog, and the Mexican Gray Wolf.  A few of them, such as the Grizzly Bear and the More Spectacular-Sounding Wildlife selections may startle your fellow bus travelers!

Overall, many of the animals presented have calls that lend themselves well to ringtones.  Most readers are likely to find one that matches their own personality and just how much attention they want to receive every time their phone rings.

Prairie DogIf you’re happy with your current ringtone and don’t want to change it, this website is still worth visiting.  A fun afternoon or evening can be spent listening to the different ringtones and learning what the animals sound like.  At the end of your fun, please remember that the Center is a nonprofit organization that needs support, and pay them something for the entertainment.

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