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If you want a cool, behind-the-scenes look at Canada’s largest aquarium’s conservation activities, check out the Vancouver Aquarium’s Conservation in Action overview of their research programs.  The programs involve researching and helping three types of endangered species – rockfish, Steller sea lions, and killer whales.

SnapperThe section about rockfish (also known as cod, bass or snapper) includes information such as the number of species of rockfish in our world (there are 102!).  The Rockfish identification game is fun and educational, and lets you learn to identify the different fish before you play the game and get scored.  Rockfish are sort of like us – similar to how our lungs expand when we surface from a scuba diving excursion, rockfish swim bladders blow up if they’re brought up to the surface too quickly.

male Steller sea lion, Eumetopias jubatusSince 1980, the world’s Steller sea lions population has decreased 85% – from 300,000 to fewer than 50,000.  The Vancouver Aquarium has some Steller sea lions, and is partnering with the University of British Columbia in a study to see how to increase their population.  The Conservation in Action’s sea lions section has a fascinating special effects illustration that involves a magnifying glass.  Have fun checking it out!

killer whalesIf you’ve ever wondered what a killer whale sounds like, the website has some sound bites  from killer whale encounters.  There’s also a fun killer whale identification game.

 The Aquarium has both rockfish and Steller sea lions.  It used to have killer whales but now just has beluga whales.  I may have further information soon, but  I’m moving on Friday morning and may not be able to post right away.  If you remember the last time you moved, you may understand how it can disrupt someone’s life!

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