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A Few Planet Friendly Shopping Favorites

The year’s busiest shopping day in the US, Black Friday, is next week.  When you’re considering what to get the special people in your life, remember that many charities offer fun and meaningful shopping opportunities.  A lot of charities offer interesting gifts, with most for affordable prices.  Knowing that you’re helping our planet while acquiring some neat goods is personally rewarding.  Here are a few items that have caught my eye.

Both World Wildlife Fund US and Canada offer wildlife adoptions complete with stuffed toys.  A friend of mine who has symbolically adopted several animals is quite happily living with WWF stuffed toys on her bookcase, fireplace mantle, and sofa! 

American BisonAlso, WWF Canada’s Unique  Gifts and WWF US’ Extraordinary Gifts  allow you to contribute money directly to specific projects.  From moving bison to helping to provide Amazon families with a sustainable forest-based income, to helping link and grow isolated panda habitats with corridors of bamboo forest, to others, these gifts are truly meaningful.

Credit:  Adopt a Stream Foundation
Credit: Adopt a Stream Foundation

A little less money will buy many other charitable goods as well.  For example, the Adopt a Stream Foundation offers The Streamkeeper’s Catalogue, which includes a cute Adopt A Stream button for $1, and a trendy Global Warming Mug that claims to actually show the adverse effects of global warming when you pour a hot liquid into the mug.   They also have some cute beaver, owl, eagle, black bear, and hawk finger puppets.

 If you want to support habitat, Conservation International helps you adopt an acre of rainforest, while the African Wildlife Foundation offers the chance to adopt African acres .

To carry your shopping items, grocery items, or other goods, several organizations offer canvas shopping bags.  I’ve ordered one from the Dian Fossey Gorilla Fund with a handsome gorilla portrait on it, and one from Bornean Sun Bear Conservation with a cute sun bear on it with the words “Save the Sunbear”.   Both bags are being mailed to me.

 These charities also have other goods, and hundreds of other charities offer other affordable and creative goods at affordable prices that let you get your shopping done while supporting our planet.  If you have any favorites, I’d love to hear about them.

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