Arachnophobia and How To Overcome It

Hallowe’en is a wonderful time, but if all the spiders in stores are giving you or someone you know the creeps, read on.  And don’t miss the Hallowe’en fun at the bottom of this post.

According to Anxiety BCTM, around 12.5% of people will have a specific phobia in their lifetime.  And arachnophobia, or fear of spiders, is one of the most common.  People with arachnophobia can experience fear, physical symptoms such as a faster heartbeat, and an urge to do almost anything to get away from a spider.

Learning that spiders are beneficial because they eat other insects seldom makes the phobia go away.  But managing and overcoming your phobia will make your life easier.

Anxiety BCTM suggests that one of the first steps in overcoming a phobia is realizing what your real fear is.  Size?  Shape?  Movement?  Knowing this will help you identify what you should be gradually exposed to, in order to face your fears in a gradual and controlled manner.  It takes courage and determination, but you will learn to get through your fear, and through time, it will diminish.  Being phobia-free means an easier life, especially if your phobia involves something as common as spiders.

Anxiety BCTM gives step by step examples for desensitizing yourself, as well as other useful information in their “Self Help:  Managing Your Phobia” document that you can link to through the bottom of their Specific Phobia page.

The Anxiety Disorders Association of British Columbia (“AnxietyBCTM”) is a non-profit organization which works to increase awareness about anxiety disorders with the general public, affected persons, and health care providers as well as increase access to evidence-based treatments.

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